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What are One Time SEO Prices?

One-time SEO prices: You buy the SEO service for your website once and use it once. Thus, you do not pay monthly fees. When your website reaches the point you want; You can stop paying SEO prices. For example, your website is already on page 2 of Google. A 2 or 3 SEO service will be enough to bring your website to the first page of Google; Why pay the SEO cost every month?

Advantages of One Time Seo Prices

One-time services to your website; It both prevents you from paying money every month and allows you to get real SEO service to your website. Now consider this: If you hire an SEO company on a monthly basis, how can you tell that they are dealing with your website in the same way every month? Maybe he will apply SEO to your site for 2 months, then he will not even do any SEO service on your website for 1 year... Can you prevent this? Or what happens when you stop paying the money? Well, just think about this; If you work with an seo company for once; Doesn't this SEO company increase the quality of service to work with you 1 more time? In each working period; Doesn't it try to serve better than last time? Also, wouldn't it be in your best interest if you don't continue to pay Seo prices after your website reaches the spot you want on Google?

As Seo Design Seo services, we get 1-time SEO prices from the websites we provide Seo services. If the company requesting SEO wants to work again, it can purchase a 1-time service again in any period. Their Site can continue to purchase one-time SEO Services until they reach the point they want on Google. Once their website reaches their desired spot on Google, they can stop paying the SEO price. In a Google ranking decline that will occur on the website after 1 year; they can buy SEO for 1 time again.

One Time Seo Prices Is it suitable for every site?

Unfortunately, no. One-time SEO prices; applicable only to special software websites. If your website is created with ready-made software such as JOOMLA, WORDPRESS, OPENCART, etc., you cannot buy one-time SEO prices.


Standard Seo Packages | Standard SEO Costs

SEO prices differ depending on the company's current position on Google. Although the prices we give here are average prices, they may differ from company to company, or from website to website. For example, the prices for websites that are already shown on the 1st page in many keywords on google may be more affordable, while seo prices may be more expensive for a new domain and difficult keywords.

It is difficult to give a price without doing a real SEO analysis. You can have free SEO analysis on your website. For seo analysis, please visit our seo analysis page. Please contact us to get a real price quote. After performing seo analysis on your website, we can create the right package and the right price for your website.

Important: The costs here are average. Difficulty or ease in keywords will affect the actual seo prices.

Seo Prices | Seo Cost 2022 | One time Seo Price


$ 500 / One time
  • Improvement Guarantee
  • 10 Hours
  • Max 20 pages
  • 50 Quality Backlink
  • Title Description Analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Sitemap.xml Generation
  • Creating Quality Backlinks
  • Content Page Analysis
  • Search Console Reporting
  • Email Support
  • One Time Reporting
  • New Free Websites
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Paid Site Tools
  • Wordpress Support
  • Setup Fee: Free


$ 1300 / One time
  • First Page Guarantee
  • 50 Hours
  • Max 100 pages
  • 250 Quality Backlink
  • Title Description Analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Sitemap.xml Generation
  • Creating Quality Backlinks
  • Content Page Analysis
  • Search Console Reporting
  • Phone Conference
  • Monthly Reporting
  • New Free Websites
  • One Time Reporting
  • Paid Site Tools
  • Wordpress Support
  • Setup Fee: Free

Do You Have Other Seo Prices?

Our company Seo Design offers you seo prices in 4 different ways. You can choose which one of them is suitable for you, and seo costs; you can make it measurable for your company.

To see our other SEO prices, please visit our "ALL SEO Prices" page.

Why do we need SEO

If companies that carry their product or service sales to the internet world want to achieve success in this field, they must increase the traffic of their websites and reach large masses. In this way, they can contribute to the growth of their businesses and reach their goals. Our company, which helps you to be successful in the internet world, closely follows the latest technological developments and adds value to your business. For this, it offers you SEO and especially Google Seo work with all its experience and experience. Effective Google seo work increases the possibility of finding the relevant website and allows you to be successful in the sector you are in.

Our company supports you with an innovative and modern service content for Seo and Google Seo work. First of all, you are allowed to have a corporate website. Since the website is seo compatible, the possibility of being found in search engines increases. Your website, which has both seo and visual elegance, is user-oriented. This helps your customers to build loyalty towards your website. Keyword analysis is of great importance within the scope of Google SEO work. For this, the sector you are in is analyzed and the most accurate keyword selection is made.

Why Seo Prices Monthly?

Many seo companies demand seo costs from companies on a monthly basis. In this monthly seo prices system, the logic is nothing but sharing the income of the company owner. If successful in Seo, by earning monthly income from the company requesting Seo; is to get regular money every month without working, getting tired and spending time. Even if most companies fail to do the job; It aims to get as much money as it can from the company between at least 6 months and 1 year with excuses.

Are SEO Prices Falling?

The SEO prices you see on this page are average prices. Of course, SEO prices may decrease, but Seo Prices may increase. The situations that affect the cheap or expensive SEO prices are on our SEO ANALYSIS page. But if we want to give a simple example; Seo prices vary a lot between a site that started broadcasting yesterday and a site that is 20 years old. The ease or difficulty of keywords also affects seo prices. Successful or unsuccessful seo services that have been made before also affect seo prices. The difficulty of keywords such as region, location affects seo prices. The packages shown here are; Represents average SEO prices. We have to examine your website before we can tell you the exact seo prices.

Situations Affecting Seo Costs

As we said in the previous title, the age of the domain, the software of the site, previous successful or unsuccessful seo studies, the difficulty or convenience of keywords, seo requests for local or general searches, the number of backlinks or hacklinks that the site has are factors that directly affect seo prices. In fact, when we see some websites, we cannot even give seo prices by saying that we cannot do seo work for that site. In order for us to say SEO prices, the site must be compatible with SEO.

What will seo prices be in 2023?

It would not be meaningless to say that seo prices will increase even more in 2023. Because every day, the number of companies working on seo and allocating money to seo services is increasing. This creates the difficulty of Seo services. As SEO gets harder, SEO prices will increase.

How long will I pay the SEO price ?

You will only pay SEO prices once. You can buy as many SEO services as you want. For example: twice a year, 4 times a year or not at all. This is totally; Depending on your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with SEO, it is your decision. If you wish; You can request a regular study by paying monthly. You pay monthly seo prices for ready-made software. SEO practice for ready-made software is more difficult, and it is later to get results; Seo prices are monthly for ready-made software.

Keywords and SEO Cost

Keyword choices are the main factor in seo prices moving up or down. While seo prices increase for difficult keywords, seo costs decrease for easy keywords. Of course, the expectation of the company owner, who is looking for seo price, from seo is also important. But getting the keyword strategy right is the responsibility of the company owner who is looking for the seo price. Before determining keywords, the company owner should consider how people who demand the service or product they sell are searching. For example, we sell seo service. People don't call our work as "seo". People who Google "seo" are looking for technical information about "seo". Companies that will do SEO make Google searches in the form of "seo prices". Producing content with the keyword " seo " and appearing on the 1st page in that word, or even in the 1st place, may not bring customers for us.

In addition, seo prices will decrease as you go from general to specific. Let's explain with the same example. Since targeting the keyword "seo prices" will be difficult; SEO prices will also be higher. But since the " london seo prices " keyword will trigger more local searches; SEO prices will be cheaper.

I would also like to point out that; Before asking for SEO prices, you should do your analysis for your keywords correctly. For example, if you are doing Refrigerator repair in the city of Bristol. Choosing "refrigerator" as a keyword can drive seo prices to very high prices. Or, the keyword "refrigerator repair" will also be high in cost, and it may not increase the number of your customers due to clicks from other cities. If you choose the keyword "bristol refrigerator repair" instead of these keywords; both seo prices will be low, and the efficiency you get from seo will increase. This keyword will allow you to reach people who are searching for you exactly on Google. Therefore, it will help you earn money.

Can I Do SEO Myself ?


I am ashamed to say that; There are companies in the market that claim to do so much seo, you can do better seo by looking at them, be sure of that. Many seo companies do not even display the codes of the site after receiving their money. They only send the reports they receive from the paid seo tools we mentioned above to their customers on a monthly basis. They continue to receive their monthly money without even changing the location of any meta or html tags. If we want to compare you with them; you can do better seo than them, be sure. Thus, you do not give money to those seo companies for nothing.
On another issue; SEO companies that think their job is to add modules to their wordpress website. Yes, you can be more successful in SEO compared to them. These seo companies we are talking about are looking at the website, while the wordpress website is; trying a few modules, seo module.. If seo modules did not work, this time it says the theme is broken. It says change the theme. If changing Theme doesn't work either; This time they say let's change the wordpress version. Of course, do not forget that all of these stages are extra costs. In addition to the seo price you will pay monthly in each of them; You pay the update, theme fee, and re-update price.

If your website is made with a special software; Since they do not already have code information, the sentence they will say at the beginning of the project is: "Your website is not wordpress, of course, it will not be displayed on google." However, a correct seo work is provided with special software. If you do not know special software, you can use wordpress or similar software. Well, when the time has come; If you are going to use a wordpress website; Why don't you do it? There are many videos about it on youtube. You can make your own using them. Do not give money to anyone for nothing.


If we go back to our main subject; Compared to these companies that give SEO prices, you can do much better than them. But do not forget that for a quality seo work or for very high goals, you need a quality seo work and a quality seo compatible website. If you know html and css, if you have some idea how to design a responsive web page: You can do seo for your own website by following the instructions on our "How is SEO make" page. You don't have to think about SEO prices either; because it will be free.

Seo Prices of Other Seo Companies

We will give a few examples from the seo prices of other sites so that you do not get tired by searching the internet. We will not share the site name in order to avoid copyright problems in the examples. Or we will not comment on the success percentage of other seo companies. This area is only for information and you can compare our prices. We got these seo prices from the organic results on Google. If you wish, of course; You can find the seo prices of other companies by searching for seo prices on Google.


  • Seo Company 1 The cheapest seo price: $500 - $3000 per month Most expensive seo price : $30,000 - $1 Million per month Money Back Guarantee : Undefined
  • Seo Company 2 Cheapest seo price : £1200 per month Most expensive seo price : £9000 per month Money-back guarantee: Undefined
  • Seo Company 3 Cheapest seo price : £750 per month Most expensive seo price: £30,000 per month Money-back guarantee: Undefined
  • Seo Company 4 Cheapest seo price : $2500 per month The most expensive seo price: $7500 per month Money-back guarantee: Undefined
  • Seo Company 5 Cheapest seo price : £500 per month Most expensive seo price: £10,000 per month Money-back guarantee: Undefined
  • Seo Company 6 Cheapest Seo price : £2000 per month Most expensive seo price : £7000 per month Money-back guarantee: Undefined
  • Seo Company 7 Cheapest Seo price : $2000 per month Most expensive seo price: $20,000 per month Money-back guarantee: Undefined
  • Seo Company 8 Cheapest Seo price : $1500 per month Most expensive seo price: $10,000 per month Money-back guarantee: Undefined
  • Seo Company 9 Cheapest Seo price : £450 per month Most expensive seo price: £1000 per month Money-back guarantee: Undefined
  • Seo Company 10 Cheapest Seo price : £2000 per month Most expensive seo price: $6000 per month Money-back guarantee: Undefined


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