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There are a lot of SEO companies residing in the UK or pretending to be a UK based company. But many of them aren't even a company, or they're not in the UK. Or worst of all, it consists of fraudulent people, not experts. When choosing a seo company in the UK, you should first check whether the company is really in the UK. Then, if it is an seo company established in the united kingdom, check their work. Then pay attention to the seo prices that the company tells you. Many companies in United Kingdom say they do seo, in fact, they do nothing. They want the money at the end of the month, without touching the site throughout the month. Because of these scammers, the reputation of serious companies like ours is damaged. A real SEO company should already be on Google.


Does Seo Company use Adwords 

Many of the United Kingdom seo companies are also promoting themselves as " united kingdom seo company " using Google Adwords. Of course, the prices or services given by these companies, which are incapable of doing seo for their own site, are of course fake. The important thing is that if you are going to work with an seo company, shouldn't that company have placed itself on the first page of at least one of your search terms on Google? How can a united kingdom seo company that doesn't appear on Google yet help you?


Wordpress and Seo Company

The scammers of the United Kingdom seo companies also did not know anything about seo, and they just turned the internet into a wordpress garbage with the logic of "I make a Wordpress site, it will appear on google". Now there are so many wordpress sites on the internet; Wordpress sites occupy 85% of the internet world. Of course, big companies or quality brands only have their own special software websites.


Best Seo Company

Our company Seodizayn, which is among the United Kingdom Seo companies, has carried out seo studies in many languages ​​​​in many countries and among the United Kingdom Seo companies, our company Seodizayn offers the highest quality service. When evaluating seo companies in the United Kingdom, do not forget to consider the work of the united kingdom seo company. In addition, the United Kingdom Seo company has been serving for seo for how many years, you should pay attention to this. Many United Kingdom seo companies call themselves "Best Seo Company in United Kingdom" because a random website they make is randomly displayed on the first page of Google. But Random works cost a lot of our customers big money.


1st rank on Google

To begin with, you should also pay attention to the promises they make when choosing a United Kingdom Seo company. A real United Kingdom SEO company cannot guarantee you ranking. For example, it cannot guarantee the 1st rank! If the United Kingdom Seo company gives you a 1st rank guarantee, you should stay away from that company.


Money back guarantee

A true United Kingdom SEO company should of course offer their clients a money-back guarantee. Otherwise, it means that he does not trust his work. While offering a money-back guarantee, of course, you should make sure that the company you are dealing with is a real company. If you are dealing with a real legal entity, the money-back guarantee may also be fake. When choosing a United Kingdom Seo company, be sure to follow the accuracy of the company through Company House.


Fast results guaranteed

Except in sectors where there is not too much competition, if the United Kingdom seo company tells you that you will be viewed on the first page in a period of 1 week, 1 month, you know it is a lie. Seo service can take between 6 months and 1 year, especially for keywords with high competition. United Kingdom seo company is a United Kingdom seo company that does not delay the work, but does not make false promises.


Cheap SEO prices

First of all, you should know that Seo service is a service that needs to be dealt with every day and needs to be allocated time every day. Imagine a United Kingdom Seo company that makes an effort for your website every day and asks for cheap Seo prices, do you think this is possible? Seo services is a serious business that needs to be focused on every day, every month. For this reason, the desired seo fees cannot be cheap either!





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