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Seo Analysis

Seo Analysis is the whole of the reviews that show how compatible your websites are for Seo and whether they are enough to appear on the first page of Google. In Seo Analysis analysis, technical details are examined from the code structure of the web pages to the content structure, as well as the site speed and the location of the site. In addition, an accurate SEO analysis requires considering the SEO status of competitors.
If you want to have seo analysis on your website, doing it on any site with any automatic software may mislead you. Seo analysis is possible with a real seo expert manually looking at the codes and manually reviewing them.


Websites That Do SEO Analysis

There are already many websites that say they do SEO analysis on the Internet. Our difference from them is that we do seo analysis completely manually. It is not possible to do SEO analysis correctly with automatic software on websites. For example, some websites give a limit of 70 characters for the title, and some 80 characters for the title. If you set a 71 or 81 character title, they reduce your website's seo score. But 1 character added for the title is of no importance for seo. The important thing is how compatible your website title is with your web page.
Let's give an example about the age of the domain, the age of the domain is a very important seo compatibility for google how many years it has been actively used. Or how many years of use it has is an important factor for google. It is even more important than the title. However, sites that perform seo analysis do not include how old your website is, or how many years it has extended, in the seo analysis of websites. Websites that do SEO analysis cannot pay attention to these important points.
For this reason, we, as seodizayn, do your seo analysis manually, not with automatic codes, and tell you a real seo score.


How to Do Seo Analysis

  • SEO analysis consists of several items.
  • The age of the website, how many years it has been actively used
  • How many years the domain has been registered.
  • Examination of the website's code content ratio
  • Website's page speed tests
  • Whether the website's content is original
  • The quality of the sites linking to their website
  • Analysis of the website, its competitors
  • Code structure used on the website (whether ready software is used or not)
  • Website's title description compatibility
  • Compatibility of the website, h1, h2 tags
  • Link structure of the website
  • The website's robots.txt file is blocked or displayed
  • Website's Search Console Data
  • Website's Google Analysis Data
  • The adequacy of the content of the website in the keywords it wants to be displayed on Google


What Should Be Considered In Seo Analysis?

The issues to be considered for SEO Analysis vary. It may vary from website to other website. The most compatible websites for Seo are those that get a passing grade from all the above items. But if we need to choose the most important ones among these items;

  • Domain age: The older the domain and how long it has been actively used, the more valuable the website is by google.
  • Content code rate and code structure: If there is more code than the content on the website (this is usually in ready-made software), if the content cannot find enough space on the website, it is really difficult to display on Google.
  • Title, Description and h1 : These tags that mark your content must be correctly and uniquely marked on your website for the website to get proper google views. For example; If your page is about women's winter shoes, Title tag should not contain summer women's shoes, Description men's shoes models, H1 tag should not contain high-heel women's shoes.
  • Competitor Analysis: your competitors are actually the best reference for you on which item you should pay attention to on your website. Whichever item your opponents are very good at, you must either be better than him in that item, or outrank him in other items.

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