What is Seo ? How is Seo make to website ?

How to Do Correct Seo?

We will talk about a correct seo work, but of course we have kept the smallest details of the job to ourselves. But we will give you a few tips to increase your website in google searches. This article we will write will definitely move your website to the top of google.
You can even see your website on the first page of google with this article. But some items require expertise. If you do not have advanced knowledge about website design, you may not be able to make the changes written in this article. We recommend that you consult with experts for issues that require expertise. If you want to work with us on seo web design, you can visit our Seo Prices page.
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Let's come to the topic of the article...

We have listed the items in the article especially for you. It is useful to do it in order.

1 - Seo process management
The first thing you need to know about SEO is not how to do it, but how to manage it. You have to master the SEO Process. The changes you make will be active on Google within 1 week at the earliest and within 1 month at the latest. For this reason, you should do the following items on your website every 10 days or every 15 days. Otherwise, you may break the item you corrected. After completing an item, you must wait for the process related to that item.
For example: You changed the title tag of a content page on your website. You will see this within 1 week, 15 days at the earliest. In the meantime, if you change the title tag of that page again, Google will not even be aware of the first change you make. Maybe the first title change you made on your website was correct, but you may have messed it up with the second change.

2 - A correct web design
A correct website design will always get you on the front pages of google. A correct web design service is special software. Ready-made software complicates the speed and management of your website because they use a lot of resources. That's why you should choose special software. We will publish a new article on this subject soon. You'll find the details in that article, but let's move on. If you are using ready-made software or the website design services provided to you do not support the following options, you may not be able to make these changes. We will continue assuming that your website's software is suitable for this or that you know how to do it.

- Contents
A correct content is perhaps the most important condition for SEO. If your website does not offer any content, if your content does not satisfy users when they search for your website, it is very difficult for you to appear on google. It will make more sense if we explain it with an example. Take, for example, our Cheap web design prices Page. Imagine we didn't mention prices on this page, or on this page it's not really the cheapest prices, but the most expensive prices in United kingdom. A user who finds our web page will be at the same moment when he enters the page and leaves. Since the content on our website is irrelevant to the user's search, Google will throw our page back. We do not necessarily say that you give the cheapest prices, If you do not give the cheapest prices, do not title your page as "cheapest prices". Don't think that you will be on google for "dog training" searches without writing a single line of content on your page.
So what we want to talk about is, publish quality and accurate content on your web page. You cannot see a web page with no content, or a website with incorrect content on the first page of google.

- Content layout
Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the content placement, especially the tags, but one important issue is that what is on your page is clear and clear. Just as every page should have a Title, every page should have an article (content) created with the p tag. If there are subheadings of the page should be placed in between. Large blocks of code should not be inserted between content. If you copy your content from a website or a word file, your article comes with html codes in its content. These codes can break the integrity of your content. Therefore, it has to be pure and simple.

- Links
Links are actually a very long and inexplicable topic. Of course, we can start by saying that you should not use _ and the links should be short, but of course there are different issues. For example, your links should be understandable, your links should contain similarity to the text searched on google. It is necessary not to create very long links because of the need for similarity. Google generally prefers links that end in .html. But you can make your own choices (as we did) if you want. As I said, the topic of links is a very long topic, but most of it is up to your choices.

Therefore, be careful to choose the most correct and shortest.

- H Tags
H tags are the title tags of the pages. Each page has 1 h1 tag. tells what the page is about. The H2 tag describes the subheadings on the page, its number is limited to 4. The important issue in these h tags is what they represent rather than their customs. Let's explain this with an example, you provide "Website design" service. When you make a page about it, "Website design" will naturally be your H1 tag. If you want to specify your prices at the bottom of this page, "Website design prices" should be your sub-title. You can include this page with the H2 tag. In addition, subheadings such as "website design prices" are created with H2. But for example, you need to make a "uk website design prices" page under "website design prices". Naturally, this should be expressed with H3 in your title. Title tags are one of the most important tags for Google. Therefore, you must do them in order and neatly. You can think of it like a book index. For a better understanding, examine the index of any book. Which ones should be H1 which ones H2 which ones H3. Think about it a little bit. You will understand more easily.

- Title
Title is among the

Tags on your website. This is the title of your page, as well as the h1 tag, which is concise and completely relevant to your page. At the same time, this title is also displayed in google searches. Title tags are recommended to be a maximum of 70 characters. But if it's a special issue, you don't have to care about this number too much. Do not place any keyword you find here so that the page will appear on google. If Google finds an unreasonably long title tag, you can replace it with a title tag of its own choosing and see your h1 tag in Google searches. Therefore, take care to create meaningful and short title tags.

- Description

Description tag should be used differently for each page. They are the description texts for each page on your website. A correct page requires a unique description tag. If you do not describe your Page correctly, your Page will not be displayed correctly. You can use up to 160 characters in length.

- simplicity
Your website should be made in a simple layout. Complex websites are not understood correctly by users and are not indexed in Google because Google values ​​user-friendly websites more. Therefore, do not give up on simplicity and simplicity on your website.

- Count of js
The number of java script files used on your website can not only cause your website to open extremely slowly, but also cause code errors on your website. Therefore, delete the java script files from your website, especially those you do not use. Thus, your website will speed up, and you can prevent unnecessary errors on your website. There are many js codes that are not accepted by google either. So be very careful how much js you use.

- Count of Css
Css files are one of the main elements of design on your website. You should take care to use as little code as possible in css files. The number of CSS is also one of the factors that affect the loading speed of your website. The more css files you use, the slower your website will be. For this reason, it is useful to reduce the number as much as possible and delete the class and id structures that you do not use from the css files.

- W3C rule
W3C rules are structures that show how browser friendly your website is. It also measures how correctly the html codes you use are structured. For this reason, a seo study that you will do on the W3C website by taking into account the errors or warnings on your website will always lead you to success.

- Page Speed
Although the effect of page speed insights data in Google seo studies is completely absent, the speed of your website is one of the most important factors in terms of seo. The later people trying to access your website open or the harder it is to navigate your website, the sooner they will leave your website and visit another website. Such a rapid loss of customers is flagged to Google that your site is not providing enough data. For Google, the person who enters your website should end the search as they have found what they are looking for on your website. If the page leaves the page without opening it, it is not possible to provide SEO compatibility.

3 - Choosing the Right Hosting
Choosing the right hosting is also one of the important factors for Google. If there are sites that are seen as pornographic, warez or hacklink in your hosting service provider where you host your website, this will lower your seo score. How clean the ip is will also take you one step ahead. The way to understand this is to see any of the sites on that server or that ip address, on a difficult keyword, on the first page of Google. In addition, server speed also affects website speed. If the server is extremely busy, it can slow down your website.

4 - Using Search Console
Search Console is a free service offered by Google. From here, you can view how much traffic your website has received from Google searches and how many clicks or impressions it has received in which keywords, which countries, which browser models. It can load sitemap.xml and robots.txt files. You can find a lot of data in this system, from backlinks to your site and from which keywords you get backlinks. Thanks to this system, you can access a lot of data, including the rank of your website in searches. A correct website for Seo is a website that has a place in Search console.

5 - Implode Sitemap.xml
Uploading a sitemap.xml for your website in Search Console ensures that your website is correctly mapped by Google. Your website will be indexed by Google without sitemap.xml, but it may be indexed incorrectly or incorrectly. Incorrect indexing can throw you back in SEO. For this reason, you must upload a correct and valid sitemap.xml file in the search console application.

6 - Providing Backlinks
Backlink is a list of reference websites for you. The more you get links to your website from high quality websites, the higher the quality of your website ( PR ). Quality websites get more impressions on Google than their competitors. The important thing here is the quality of the sites you will get backlinks from. Even if you get backlinks from 1000s of forum sites that are not visible on Google, it may not work for you. Or the backlinks you will get from poor quality pages may not mean anything to Google.

7 - Scope tracking
You should constantly monitor how much your website is indexed in the Search Console system and how valid these listed pages are. You should follow the pages that do not belong to you or are incorrectly indexed. Incorrect indexing of your website can reduce your website's chances of success for Seo. But the point you need to pay attention to here is the updates of your website. Google periodically enters and examines your website. If there are changes to your website between this review and date, Google may not see these changes. For this reason, you should follow the scope at the right intervals.

8 - Keep your website up to date
An accurate SEO work is possible if you regularly update your website. The websites of the station are constantly thrown back by Google. The reason for this is that your competitors are constantly working on SEO and their content is up-to-date, which will cause you to go backwards in SEO. For example, let's say you have a "2022 model women's shoes" page. When we enter 2023, if your website still has 2022 models, your website will only be shown to people looking for 2022 model shoes.

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