Wordpress Website Cost is true for You ?

Wordpress Websites

Wordpress websites are made with PHP software, although they are not sufficient in terms of code and security, they are a good alternative for companies that want a cheap website.

Wordpress Website Cost 2022 in United Kingdom

Wordpress websites are now in United Kingdom
- for small companies: £200 to £800
- For medium-sized companies: £500 to £1500
- For large companies: £1000 to £2500
It varies between

However, these prices vary from Web design companies to companies. If Wordpress Website designs are not done in expert hands, the wordpress website can be in trouble. The costs of Wordpress websites are not much different with proprietary software websites.

Wordpress Website Themes

One of the most important factors affecting the price in WordPress website designs is theme prices. Many of the companies that design Wordpress websites buy themes from websites such as themeforest because they do not have knowledge about design. These wordpress themes usually start from £59. It can go up to £150.

Security on Wordpress Websites

Wordpress websites are a ready-made software site whose codes are distributed free on the website. For this reason, their codes are software that are easily accessible and easily found. That's why Wordpress updates are constantly being published. Companies that build Wordpress websites should regularly update their websites and make an effort to never hack their website. The security of the theme used or the modules used, rather than the own codes of Wordpress websites, can threaten the security of wordpress.

When we talk about security in general, companies that own a Wordpress website; They say, "Why would they hack my site? My website is not a bank site!" But for people who are known as hackers on the internet, it is not what the website is about or what it tells, but the fact that they want to show their own nick on the homepage of their website under the "hacked" text. In other words, you shouldn't say "why would they hack my website". Any website is a good candidate for hacking.

Wordpress Updates

Wordpress, as we explained in the security title; are ready-made software PHP systems that need to be updated regularly. Another issue for those who use these systems; glitches during updates. For example, your website was built with Wordpress version 4.3 and you want to update it to the newly released version 4.4. Or you have to update the 4.3 version Wordpress because it has vulnerabilities. At this stage, Wordpress also offers you the update files. But your theme or the modules you use may not be compatible for the new system. The wordpress theme you are using may not work in the new version. This time, you may have to rebuild your website. Or by not updating, you may cause it to be hacked.
The only problem to be experienced in updates may not be limited to themes or modules. At the same time, a change made by the website design agency on the sql (memory where the data of PHP websites is kept) on your website may leave your updates unfinished. Your website will not work or the sql system written as an add-on may not work. Even in the best of cases, you will have to update your wordpress site with the website design company that you made the website for. This will mean a separate cost, new troubles. At this stage, you will have to hope that the company that made your wordpress website will do this update cheaply and that they are really competent. If they are not experts, you can be disgraced with your money.

Using Wordpress Admin Panel

One of the bad situations that happen to companies on Wordpress websites is that companies cannot use the management panel of their websites. Wordpress websites, with their really confusing and incomprehensible fields, unfortunately do not have a user-friendly admin panel. Sometimes, people cannot add content to wordpress websites or update existing content due to the admin panel software that even software developers have difficulty using.

What to Choose Instead of Wordpress

To denigrate the software quality of wordpress websites or to say that wordpress is garbage would really be the biggest insult to the wordpress software team. We are not saying wordpress websites are bad. We do not say that it is useless. "Garbage" NEVER ! But using a wordpress website is a choice that requires a lot of courage and patience. Instead, you can have custom software websites made for roughly the same prices.
If we need to count the pluses of custom software websites compared to wordpress;

  •  Security as the codes are only in the company that makes them
  •  Website design companies that know how to code can fulfill more requests
  •  A website that you can use for many years as it provides security
  •  Websites that do not require constant updates
  •  Easier admin panels with special software.
  •  About the same prices.
  •  More SEO-friendly websites with less js, less css.


If you have learned the lesson of "I need to make special software" from this article. Please visit our WEBSITE DESIGN PRICES page.

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