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What is Seo Web Design?

Seo web design is the proper design of the website for seo. Link structure, sitemap files, robots.txt files are made ready for Google to read. Seo Web Design service is actually similar to Web design service, but more detailed website needs to be taken care of. The important thing in Seo Website Design service is to bring the website to a level that Google can easily index.

If we need to list things to do

- Less Javascript
- Less Css Files
- Shortness of Link Structure
- H1, H2, H3 tags and their placement
- Editing Title, Description Tags
- Paying attention to W3C rules
- Increasing the speed of the website
- Converting the images used on the site into visual types such as WEBP
- Prepare Sitemap.xml File
- Preparing Accessibility options with robots.txt

There are many such options available. Of course, there are tips for the work that we did not mention in the list of things to do. However, they are not listed here due to our company policies. You can find the details of the items in this list on our "How to do Seo for a Website" page. You can find the details of the SEO PRICES

Seo Web Design service in the United Kingdom

Companies that provide seo web design services in the United Kingdom generally do not know any other options than the above options when you say Seo web design. But these may not be enough for your website to be displayed on the first page of Google. Since United Kingdom Seo web Design companies do not know what extra needs to be done, your website design may be incomplete in terms of SEO. While a real Seo Web Design Company prepares the site for you, it integrates all the Seo-related requirements into the site. If the United Kingdom Seo Web Design Company does not know about the clues, your website may not appear on the first page of Google, let alone on the 10th page.

Seo Web Design Cost

Seo Web Design costs, of course, higher budgets than normal website design costs are required. But don't let this scare you, it's not a big difference, it can make a difference of 15% or 20% per website. As an example, let's say you get a normal website design price from Seo Design, Biz Seo Web Design Company, and the price is £1000. If you request this in the form of Seo Web Design, the price will be £1150 or £1200. You can access our detailed price table on our " WEB Design Cost " page. Of course, here is a point that should not be forgotten; Website costs can increase or decrease according to the customer's wishes. For a real and special Seo web design cost, please contact us on our CONTACT page.

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