Why is important Page Speed for SEO

Website Page Speed 

The loading speed of the website is normally described as "it doesn't matter" on the Google Page Speed ​​inslight page. In the true sense, Google does not decide "ONLY" by looking at the speed of your website on which page you will appear on. But the loading speed of your website is one of the SEO indicators.

We talked a little bit about page speed in our How is Seo to do article, but we are writing this article because we want to explain it in a little more detail here.

First of all you need to know !!!

When listing Google search results, you should think about "what and why".

Google is a commercial enterprise. Business organizations want to make money. So the first thing required for Google is "CUSTOMER".

But Google does not sell a product (on the search results page) It only sells rankings on the search results page (adwords)

So what is the basic requirement for AdWords to sell?

Of course, the Google search engine is the most used search engine in every country in the world.

People will search on Google that; Let companies pay Google to appear in that search ranking.

Did you come to this conclusion from here?

When displaying search results, Google should always show pages where people can find the content they're looking for. There should be no deceptive or misleading content and people should be satisfied with that search.

Now the following question came to your mind: What satisfaction bro? What is satisfaction?

Satisfaction is this: When the user enters that page, he should be able to find the content he is looking for, and the page should be so understandable and fast that the user can navigate between the pages without getting bored, and also not wait and leave the site during loading. That's where our "Website load speed" heading comes into play. If the website loads very slowly and users get bored while loading the website and leave the page, Google will drop that website in the search results.

You can also think of it this way:

If the website contains deceptive or false information or is too slow; The user may want to try his luck in other search engines because I could not find what I was looking for on Google. This leads to loss of users searching on Google. Loss of users leads to a decrease in Google Adwords sales. For this reason, we can say that it is the guarantor of the sites it shows on the Google search results page..

Now that we understand the purpose, we can continue talking about page speed. We can review other Topics in our other articles.

Website Page Speed


Now that we understand the importance of page speed, we think it would be great if we could focus on how to ensure the loading speed of this website.


The main factors that reduce the loading speed of the website:

  • Number of js used on the website
  • The amount of css used on the website
  • HTML code rate used on the website
  • The ping time of the server where the website is hosted
  • Size of images and other content displayed on the website
  • Whether caching features are used on the website
  • Whether the correct size images are used on the website
  • Number of requests per page on the website


Website Page Speed


Now this comes to mind. "Oh brother, how am I going to do all this work. I don't even know how to do these things" You are right. You don't need to know or do this. Your web design company should provide these to you. Or you should design your website by paying attention to these. (of course he knows)


In almost all of our articles, we have mentioned "So-called software developers who make ready-made software". Since these friends do not know software or design; They cannot make coding changes that will provide this speed on your website. Therefore, be sure to ask the company that will carry out your website design project: "With which software will you make my website? Special software? Ready-made software?"

Only after these questions can you choose the right web design company.

Only after these questions can you decide whether the money you put into your website is "worth it or not".

Comments about Seo and Page Speed

Carissa Harrinson : Page loading speed is really essential for google seo. Thank you very much for your article.