Google Seo or Google Adwords ?

Google Adwords or Google Seo

In order to provide additional income to many company owners; It uses Google AdWords. Although these AdWords ads provide new customers to companies, they are also a huge burden. If you want to advertise with Google adwords at the moment, although the click costs vary according to the keywords, the cheapest cost per click is £4 and the most expensive cost per click is as much as £15. Please note that this is cost per click. Whether it's SEO or Google Adwords, if we keep in mind that 1 out of 10 clicks is only a real customer or a returning customer, Google Adwords costs are really high.

Google AdWords is also in trouble; The reason is that people who click on your google adwords ad are not always customers. Sometimes, competing companies increase their costs by clicking on their competitors' Google AdWords ads. Although Google is making serious sanctions and serious software about this issue, it is impossible to prevent these fake clicks.

If we go back to the beginning of our topic; Based on the cheapest cost per click of £4, the company needs to get 50 clicks per day to get 5 new customers per day. If we multiply 50 Google AdWords clicks by £4, this requires an advertising budget of approximately £200 per day. If you advertise 20 days of the month, you can calculate the cost more or less.

OK then,

Google SEO

For the same number of clicks, SEO costs: 0. No matter how many clicks it gets per day, our client's website still costs 0.

OK then,

SEO Monthly costs

Yes, SEO requires monthly costs. But with a website with the right seo infrastructure, the cost of a combined SEO is really very cheap compared to Adwords costs. A company that spends £4000 per month on Google AdWords can achieve unlimited clicks and 0 costs by spending just £1500 on SEO.

Yes, Seo has monthly costs, but there is a plus: If you achieve a certain success in SEO, it takes at least 3 months for you to fall on the 2nd page again. It will be better understood if we explain this with an example. Let's exemplify the average SEO costs over £1500. If you paid £1500 for 6 months and after spending £9000 in total, your site appeared on the first page of Google, you can continue to appear on the first page of Google for at least 3 more months, even if you terminate the SEO service at that time. ( MINIMUM ) Yes, you terminated the advertisement after 6 months and spent a total of £9000. In total, you would be on the first page of Google for 4 months.

So What If You Use AdWords?

When you use Adwords, your website will drop from the first page of Google as soon as you terminate the Google Adwords advertisement, and if there is no SEO infrastructure already, all words will not be displayed on Google. Yes, you have gained customers for 6 months, but you have spent about £25000 for this, all your efforts will be garbage when AdWords is finished.

Of course, it is useful to make the profit and loss balance here...

So What Seo Design Recommends:

Although the costs may be a little high, our advice to our customers is: They should continue with Google AdWords and purchase SEO services at the same time until they reach the first page of Google with SEO. In this way, they can keep their businesses alive with AdWords until they achieve success in SEO, and they can buy SEO services with the remaining profit. After success in SEO, AdWords can stop its ads IF WANTS.

Keyword Density

One main difference between Google Adwords and SEO is Keyword density. In AdWords, you can advertise as many words as you want. But; The keywords you add can increase your costs that much. But there is no such restriction in SEO. When you buy Google SEO service, companies (including us) can be displayed on the first page of Google with at least 50 keywords, even if we promise 20 keywords. Even with a correct content placement, the number of these keywords can reach up to 100. It does not create any additional costs.

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